Saturday, May 9, 2009

Vivi's Diary 小V日记

大家好! 我是Vivi,小V。
I am gonna write in English so that Vivi, whose granddad is from U.K, can read it. Somemore, Vivi was born in Aus. Since I have not taught him any other language, English is much easier for him now.

Info about Vivi:
Breed: Golden Retriever
D.O.B.: 14-03-09
Sex: M
Colour: Cream
Father: Buddy
Mother: Bonnie

9th May 2009, is the 1st day I will live together with Vivi. I'd waited for this day for a long long time, and now, I'm happy. Sarah said Vivi was so happy to see me, I think so too. However, just because of my selfishness, Vivi has to leave his family and home. I could see Vivi feel so sad since he was leaving. I kept Consoling him and was trying to keep him comfort. Anyway, Vivi was happy to be in a new home.

My brother and I were playing with him, taking picture of him and trying to make him happy.

They are Sarah (left) and her daughter(right). Sarah is the seller who I'd bought Vivi from. She is a very good and kind person. Sarah did give me advice and and some guides. I appreciate for her helps.
Taking care of a dog is like taking care of a baby. Just now, we were going to have dinner and
buy some food for Vivi. For safety, we have to put him in the room with the door closed. Just
after awhile, he started crying cry and trying to get out from the room by scratching the door.
I could not have mercy on him as later I could not be with him for the whole day. Therefore, he
has to learn to be independent for some time.
And then, I went out and at the same time,
worrying that Vivi might be sad and scare. We tried to get back home as soon as possible.
When we came back, Vivi was so quiet and did not mess up anything. I am so glad that he was
fine. At the same time, Vivi urinated on the floor. O.O!! OMG! He offered me a job. Bad boy! Bad

When he was eating, he was so happy and kept shaking his tail. After dinner, I did not bring him to the toilet as i taught it was not the time yet. So, I went
to clean the kitchen, and guess what? Vivi gave me another surprise with two pieces of chocolate
cakes =.=". Bad boy Vivi!! Yet, still can praise him as he put one of them just on the newspaper
that we used to cover the place that he just urinated. But I did not.
And another job offered, urinated when he was not in my sight. Speechless.
After awhile, Vivi felt tired and was trying to sleep. Unfortunately, my bro was watching movie
and the volume was loud. Vivi could not sleep and woke up to play again. Before that, I knew
Vivi was crying, missing his parents, brothers and sisters. I was not shocked as Sarah had told
me that he would cry. What I could do is just to be with him and console him. And now, he is
sleeping. You can see how sweet is him when he's sleeping. Owh! So cute~!
From now on, Vivi, I will take good care of you and spend as much time as I can to be with you.
Hope you always be happy and will not be lonely.

I love you Vivi.